We Be Fishing bass guiding service has three goals with our guests in mind. The first and foremost is to have our guests catch bass and have fun. Second, bass fishing is an art. It is the art of presenting a lure to the fish in its environment and enticing “the bite”, keeping the fish on your line and bring the fish to the boat.

I am happy to instruct my guests on those finer points of habitat, time of year, water temperature, and other factors which can lead to better results in catching bass.

Third and some times a forgotten factor is that Vermont is a naturally beautiful state. When I take my guests to a lake I am very familiar with history, plants, animals, and other fish that are surrounding us and would love to talk about it.

My prices are as follows: my boat with safety equipment, fishing poles, numerous lures, transportation to the lake and myself as guide.

One guest           3hrs          $325.00
One guest           5hrs          $540.00
Two guests         3hrs          $375.00
Two guests         5hrs          $625.00

One parent and child (ages 12-16)
3hrs          $350.00

Business recognition tours (one guest)
4hrs          $400.00


As my guest you will need to buy a VT state fishing license (can be purchased online).

Please bring: hat, sun screen, chapstick and polarized sun glasses, snacks and water (please note that alcohol is not permitted on the boat but can be consumed when back on shore), and rain gear and camera.

*Note: I prefer to release fish after the picture but if you bring a ziplock bag I can fillet your fish*

Attendee must fill out waiver to be collected before the trip:
One Page Accident Liability Form